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Savitri Era affairs: Introduction

Rescuing Sri Aurobindo from dubious representations

A very important article written on Feb 17, 2017 by Raman Reddy has been posted two months back at

Labels indicate diverse range of subjects being covered by the author and many of them are decidedly controversial: HinduismIndiaMotherMuslimsNationalismPeter HeehsRaman ReddyReligionRichard HartzSecularismSpiritualitySri AurobindoSri Aurobindo AshramThe Clasp of Civilisations

The article touches upon current affairs tangentially and admits reception of Sri Aurobindo's writings differently by different persons. Even, within the Ashram! This, obviously, has wide ranging repercussions. Besides, the context has altered from the 2008 Book controversy to formal yoking with Hindutva.

I haven't read The Clasp of Civilisations by Richard Hartz but get a fair impression of it from Reddy's account. Nothing new about it and the label "leftist secular scholars" or other epithets used by Reddy. Looking at it as an internal debate, the most important fact is that it's informed and based on published matter and so any discrepancy can easily be rectified. Thus, there is a possibility of unanimity emerging and that's the silver lining.

I like Reddy's writings for their clarity and forthrightness. His treating of “Hindu Rashtra” with kid-gloves is dictated by current political realities. So, he is afflicted with the same disease as he is accusing Hartz of. Therefore, the question is whether Sri Aurobindo can be presented, - as he is, - without any political slant. However, when Reddy warns of "alienating themselves from 95 % of the devotees," one immediately thinks of purity being more precious than popularity.

Reddy also seems to be on weak ground when he discusses "condemnation of Hinduism without having anything to replace it" and "difference between traditional Yogas & Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga of transformation mostly irrelevant in actual practice." Such observations are surely jaundiced and, I hope, political perplexity doesn't affect the Ashramites. [TNM55]
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Why @sagarikaghose mentions Rammohan Roy, Vivekananda, Tagore, Chaitanya, and Ramakrishna but forgets Sri Aurobindo?

[What was it that Lacan did if not repeat Freud, making Freud very different even as... rigorous fidelity to Freud?]

[philosophy doesn’t teach you one specific skill–it teaches you how to learn, think critically, choose and flourish]

[Our brains are tricking us all the time, seeing what we have been preconditioned to perceive and leaving out much]

8. healing communications (part 2)

“What would be the system and method of the healer? Well, he may use the system with which he is quite naturally familiar and conversant. But he should have a wide inner flexibility and plasticity in the application of the system, […] an absolute trust in the healing power of Grace and the humility to depend upon Its power and wait patiently upon Its wisdom.”

The New Indian Express-30-Apr-2017 Manoj Das

... of Christ, the exile of Krishna in Brindavan and the colloquy with Arjuna on the field of Kuruksetra,” scribbled Sri Aurobindo in a notebook way back in 1913.

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Are they saints or just marketers?
Many mental phenomena may well fall within the ambit of neurology, many strange experiences may well be triggered by mechanical and material causes; and Hindus may well be called upon to define their spiritual practices anew. POSTED BY KOENRAAD ELST AT 8:00 AM

Arun Shourie's new book: TWO SAINTS: Speculation around and about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi (publisher Harper Collins).
Should we think again about their experiences when these occur as points in the brain are stimulated with an electrode during surgery? What if they can be recreated in a laboratory non-invasively? When they occur to ordinary persons placed in extraordinary circumstances?

Did the experiences occur from some ailment? As was alleged in the case of Sri Ramakrishna? From some ‘madness’, which he feared he had? From the fits that Sri Ramana said he used to have? [...]

In the light of their pristine example, how should we view and what should we do about the godmen and gurus who control vast financial and real estate empires today, to whom lakhs flock? Are they the saints they set themselves up to be or just marketers?

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