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There was a suggestion by Sri Gadadhar Mishra to start taking up small commercial projects

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11th All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group, Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra, Dalijoda 12th October 2008

11th All Orissa conference of Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group was held on 12th October 2008 at Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra, Dalijoda. The conference was attended by 250 delegates from different parts of Orissa including engineers, technical experts, Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada members as well as Sri Aurobindo Study Circle members.
The conference started at 09:30AM on 12th October Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra Dalijoda. Er. Santosh Panigrahi welcomed the delegates in the conference. Er. B. K. Sinha, state convener of SAETG, read out a report on the activities of SAETG in the last one year. Sri Prasad Tripathy spoke on the objectives and activities of SAETG. Executive Director of IFFCO, Paradeep, Mr. M. R. Patel formally inaugurated the session and released a souvenir brought out on this occasion. Er. Ananda Subudhi, gave the inaugural address followed by Sri Dharanidhar Pal who expressed Gratitude on behalf of the group and organisers.

The second session, a technical panel discussion on the “Aspects of Architecture” started at about 10:30 AM and continued till 1PM in the afternoon. Experts and practitioners from different fields of architecture participated in the discussion and addressed queries from the audience. The session was chaired by Mr. M. R. Patel and moderated by Ar. Maitreyee Mishra. Dr. N. Tripathy started the session with a presentation on Supreme Architecture touching up on the beautiful, harmonious and intricate creations of the Divine. Ar. Bhabani Mishra gave a talk on what Architecture means to a common man through his views on the essence of architecture. Ar. Geet Inder Bath spoke about the importance of interior design in architecture and different aspects of it. Sri P. V. Ramanna touched upon the practical & economic aspects of surface treatment and painting a house. Sri Prem Rout gave an overview of kitchen design concepts, options available and modular kitchens. Er. Gopinath Sahoo gave a very practical overview of the common issues faced by people during construction of a house and the safe guards that should be taken. Finally Er. Ambika Prasad Mohanty summarised the panel discussion.

Post Lunch there was an organizational meeting of the SAETG members who attended the conference to discuss and finalize action plan of the group for the next year. The session which was presided by Sri Prasad Tripathy went on for about an hour and half and was very interactive. This year SAETG conveners from 13 districts participated in the conference. The conference for the next year (2009) was decided to be organized at Raghunathpur, Soro, Baleswar. Some other important resolutions were also taken by the group during the session, list of which is given below.

The concluding session started at 04:30PM with a brief introduction to the topic “… And beauty conquered the resisting world” by Sri Prasad Tripathy. Sri Ch. Nirakar spoke at length on the topic with quotes from the works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Sri Gadadhara Mishra concluded the session. Finally Er. Ramesh Behera gave vote of thanks. The conference concluded following a short cultural programme by Er. P. K. Roy and his troupe.

Resolutions taken during the Organisation Meeting
1. Venue for All Orissa Conference Next Year: it was decided in agreement with members of Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra of Raghunathpur, Soro, that the all Orissa conference of SAETG in year 2009 will be held at Raghunathpur, Soro, Baleswar on 11th October 2009
2. Theme for next year’s conference: Suggestions from participating members were sought to come up with a set of relevant themes for next year’s conference. Following is the list of themes suggested
Horticulture – with a focus on cultivation of Medicinal Plants
Common Issues in Construction
Information Technology
Cost Consciousness – cost aspect of management of Integral Schools and Centres
Soil Conservation
Implementing Socio-economic projects
Small Scale Industries – Making CUSAG an effective instrument
Organic Farming
3. Preparation of Souvenir: In order to make the souvenir being published during SAETG conference more informative and thus effective it was suggested that the articles for the souvenir have to be collected well in advance
4. It was agreed that the seminars on Solid Waste Management and Safety in Day to Day Life should be conducted in all schools either individually or collectively at the block level. It was discussed to target as much schools as possible during the next one year.
5. District level coordination of activities of SAETG: Everyone present agreed that communication is an important aspect to strengthen the organization. Hence it was decided to have a quarterly meet of SAETG members in different zones. During the discussion, for the next year 4 districts have been identified to host these meetings in different zones: Cuttack, Koraput, Sambalpur, Baripada
Zonal Centers Zones Date of Meeting
Cuttack Satya, Krupa, Nishtha October 2008
Koraput (Jaipur) Samarpana, Aspruha January 2009
Sambalpur Shanti, Sangati, Samata Apr-May 2009
Baripada Ashtha October 2009
6. It was decided that the first preparatory meeting for the next year’s conference will be held at Raghunathpur soon. Sarat bhai (Ghosh) will intimate everyone regarding the meeting date
7. It was also decided that the SAETG district convenors in district will try to publish a report on Sanitation and drinking water on the integral schools in their area
8. It was decided to ensure that at least all (78) high (Sri Aurobindo Integral) schools in the state have constituted Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada. Sri Prasad Tripathy agreed to take up this action item.
9. There was a suggestion by Sri Gadadhar Mishra to start taking up small commercial projects (e.g. in the field of construction) organized by SAETG members. Towards this, a core group was formed to look in to the logistic issues and formulate an action plan corresponding to this. Core group will be constituted of Er. Gopinath Sahoo, Er. Ananda Subudhi, Er. Ambika Pr. Mohanty, Er. Biraja K. Sinha, Sri Sarat Ghosh, Er. Premananda Samal, Er. Santosh Panigrahi.
10. It was also discussed if SAETG can make some effort towards making the road leading to Dalijoda better. It was decided that Er. Gopinath Sahoo will meet the concerned Chief Engineer regarding this. Visit our Image Gallery for the snaps from the conference

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