Sunday, December 14, 2008

Auroville Today is twenty years old

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The November 2008 issue is about two birthday celebrations. In October, UNESCO, whose General Assembly has passed four resolutions over the years in support of Auroville, marked Auroville's fortieth year by holding a major event at its headquarters in Paris.

And Auroville Today itself is twenty years old: our first issue was published in the midst of the monsoon rains in November, 1988. We've always been averse to blowing our own trumpet, so we let someone else do it for us! In other words, we asked several long-term subscribers to choose their favourite or most memorable articles out of the three thousand or so we have published over the years.

The issue further carries a review of the book Turning Points. In the section spiritual search we carry articles on Auroville and Ramana Maharishi, the Arul Ashram - Shanti Bhavan down the East Coast Road , about a Vision quest in a cave, and on searching the Goddess. For didn't The Mother once say that a crucial first step was to make contact with the Divine…it didn't matter so much which path was taken as long as it assisted the individual in reaching this goal? Here some Aurovilians speak about other paths which they feel complement the Integral Yoga and which help them in their spiritual search.

Here follow a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. Please subscribe if you want to read more, or ask for a free copy. Details are elsewhere on this web page. Home > Journals & Media > Journals > Auroville Today > Current issue > November 2008

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