Monday, September 29, 2008

Pathachakra conducted in Nimapara, Puri - August 2008

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NISTHA ZONE Nimapara, Puri
10.08.2008 - Secretary Mr. Benudhar Senapati read direct writings of Sri Aurobindo to improve English among the children. The pathachakra was attended by the students and teachers.

15.08.2008 - A seminar on Sri Aurobindo was organized at Seulasahi. Mr. Biswambar Sahoo, Kalpana Swain, Mrs. Minati Senapati spoke about the value of freedom and how freedom is imparted in our school.

17.08.2008 - A gharoi Pathachakra was organized at Mrs. Sanjukta Sahoo’s residence.

23.08.2008 - A students Pathachakra was organized under the guidance of Kalpana Swain. One of the student Suprava Behera read out the books of the mother

The Mother's work in Orissa [10:18 AM]

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