Sunday, June 01, 2008

A report of the district for the year 2007 August to 2008 July may be prepared in English


Dear Friends,
In the month of July, as per the date in circulate programme, the organisation tour party will reach the district in the evening and will leave the next day afternoon after the meeting. Please arrange accommodation for the party of maximum 6 persons. The organisation meeting will start sharp at 9.30 AM and will continue up to 1 PM.

Kindly organise the programme accordingly.
The organisers are requested to note the following points .
1. Please have a preparatory meeting prior to the organisation meet preferably during June 2008.
2. In this meeting The convenors are requested to present the report of the activities of each Karmadhara and the Blocks of the last year in this meeting.
3. District, Dasakarmadhara and Block Convenors may be selected after this programme.
4. It is our request to select the Convenors those who really want to give time for The Mother’s Work.
5. You must have received the school information form, NLET will also send this form to the individual schools. If any school has been missed out , please give a copy of this form. Please personally see that they are filled up and handed over to us in the meeting.
6. Please fix the date and place of DISTRICT SPORTS where all the Sri Aurobindo Study Circles and Integral schools will participate. This responsibility may be fixed to one of the members.
7. The required forms on the organisation are already sent to you. Please see that all the forms are filled up and given in the meeting.
8. A report of the district for the year 2007 August to 2008 July may kindly be prepared in English and given to us to be published in website after two days of the meeting.
9. Babaji Maharaj’s birth centenary volume – Sri Ramakrishna Das’s Rachana Sangraha-1st part will be available in the meeting at the concessional price Rs. 350/-. Please circulate this news among all the Sri Aurobindo Study Circles and Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools to avail this opportunity.
With regards,
Gadadhar Mishra, Prasad Tripathy

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