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Whether the Auroville Foundation is an autonomous body or a department of the Government of India

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March 2008
The March 2008 issue of Auroville Today is dedicated to Auroville's 40th anniversary celebrations. We present photos of the bonfire celebration and the Unity Kolam ceremony; snapshots of a birthday seminar; an impression of the dance performance "Savitri: Flame of the Future"; the arrival of Sri Aurobindo's statue at Savitri Bhavan; an exhibition on The Mother and Auroville; the 3-day psychology conference at SAWCHU; and give an insight in The Auroville Look
Two articles deal with aspects of the governance of Auroville. One answers the question whether the Auroville Foundation is an autonomous body or a department of the Government of India; the second presents the views of the members of the International Advisory Council who met in Auroville on February 26th-27th.
In the section profiles we portray Manohar, who talks about his life in Auroville, and Anamika who crafts smoke-fired pots.
Lastly there is the sports page with an interview with the organizers of the national mountain bike race and the Auroville marathon.
Here follow a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. By following the links you are welcome to read a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. Please subscribe if you want to read more, or ask for a free copy. Details are elsewhere on this web page.
Previous issues
February 2008
This month, Auroville is forty years old. This birthday coincides with the completion of the Matrimandir, which has been under construction for almost as long.
To celebrate this double event, Auroville Today – which will itself mark twenty years of publication this year – is publishing for the first time an issue in colour so that we can show both the soaring lines and the beauty in detail of the Matrimandir. It is our tribute to the thousands who, through the years, have either worked on or supported from afar this unique project for humanity.
“The Matrimandir,” wrote The Mother, “will be the soul of Auroville. The sooner the soul is there, the better it will be for everybody and especially for the Aurovilians.”
This issue also pays tribute to Roger Anger, whom The Mother had appointed as the Chief Architect of Auroville. He passed away on 15th January at the age of 84.
Other articles in this issue deal with the question if Auroville is an emerging spiritual township; Consecration as a way of life – a report of a ten day workshop at Vérité on how to consecrate our daily lives to ‘remembering and offering'; Talking with the body – an interview with Goupi who has been offering massages in Auroville for thirty years; and about the nascent University of Human Unity. The issue concludes with an article on the almost lost Japanese ‘Art of Kirikane', by master craftswoman, Sayoko Eri.If you want to read more and keep this special tribute to the completion of the Matrimandir's, please order the special February 2008 issue.
January 2008
As we approach the 40th anniversary of Auroville's inauguration, Aurovilians differ over how to mark it. Some welcome the planned influx of VVIPs, others feel it would be more appropriate to use the day to quietly celebrate Mother's great gift to the world and to acknowledge those who have devoted so much of their lives to this project.Whatever the response, it's clear that this is an opportunity for us to take stock: to look at where we have come from, to see what we have achieved and where we have stumbled, and to identify the main opportunities and challenges confronting us.We set the ball rolling by asking long-term Aurovilians to range over the history of the past forty years and to talk about what inspires them – and concerns them – today. We also provide a brief ‘shopping list' of some of Auroville's major achievements on the material and social level, not forgetting, of course, that the crucial changes we are asked to make are inner rather than outer.
Other articles are about the Deepanam school, Film culture in Auroville, volunteering, rising population,...

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