Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Next Future" April 2008

Sri Aurobindo Society Website & Next Future Update
Dear Gopal, We are happy to inform you that the April 2008 issue of our e-magazine "Next Future" is now out and the SriAurobindo Society Website has also been updated We invoke the Divine Love in Eternally Yours and listen to the Divine Command in Living Words :

Let Thy love manifest Thy reign come May Thy peace govern the world -- The Mother

In the silence of the heart, You will receive the command -- The Mother

The discovery of the Soul is an important step in the spiritual journey. The Mother explains how visualization can be a help in this process in the Question of the Month. Summer is setting in and the white fragrant Jasmine has started blooming. We look at this flower of Integral Purity in our Flower of the Month. In The Creative Corner, Dr. Alok Pandey writes about the gods coming down toearth; Dorris Lessing writes on hunger for books, M.S. Srinivasan on copyright laws and the higher ideals.

Our Editorial speaks about two very important words of the English language -and even more of the book of Life - 'can' and 'can't'. No matter how many languages one knows or to what extent one is proficient in each, when you really look at the importance of words, two stand apart-can/cant. At any given point of time if one does a quick recap of one's life, by and largefor most it would be these two words that have defined and guided their lives. Translate them into any language across the world and they would still remain the most conspicuous. But what is important to understand is that they are not mere words - they are the defining labels of one's personal attitude. To approach with the thought that one "can or cant" achieve the goal, irrespective of how small or big it is, speaks volumes about one's character and determination. To observe how the "cants" transform in the course of one's development into "cans" is a revelation and for one who is conscious of such change, it can be exhilarating. Life is perpetually devising ways to teach us the tiniest of things - by becoming more aware of our approach to all that we come across, by simply noticing which of the two we are choosing-can or cant-we do have the power to turn our lives around and shape our nature and mould our personality. Now it is only time which will witness whether we will or we wont. Until the next time…

We continue with our regular series and several interesting articles on avariety of topics : 1. Tales told by mystics 2. Savitri 3. Integral Health - Limits of Science by Alok Pandey 4. Integral Education - the True Professor by Nolini Kanta Gupta 5. Living words 6. Question - the power of visualizing for discovering one's soul 7. Flower - Integral Purity 8. Prayer 9. Spotlight 10. Reflections - The Divine Power behind Personal Effort 11. Creative corner - When God came down to earth by Alok Pandey 12. Art of life - attitude towards life 13. Genius of India - beginnings of Indian Civilization III 14. Rishi Culture - Agastya 15. Dhammapada - Pleasure 16. Whispers of Nature - a moment in passing by anonymous 17. Hunger for books - Dorris Lessing 18. Food for thought - copyright laws and the dissemination of higher ideals by Srinivasan 19. Your voice 20. Editorial We will be happy to hear from our readers and get their responses to thearticles. With warm regards, Vijay

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