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Life Education Centre is an outreach school of Auroville

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Welcome, to the website of Life Education Centre. Life Education Centre is an outreach school of Auroville, founded in 1991, providing an on-going program for training of young, underprivileged village-girls between the ages of 14-21 from Indian villages surrounding Auroville.What does Life Education Centre mean? Life: ( = the main Human thing) and the future of that.In the context of recognizing and ameliorating the role of women in an oppressive society L.E.C. provides a training to enhance a growing sense of security in oneself, increased self-awareness and empowerment. Education: ( = learning the things you want) The girls are given an opportunity to learn real life skills, also including tailoring, crochet, typing, computers as well as simultaneously offering them a safe space where they are free to express and explore thoughts and feelings about themselves, allowing them also to reconnect back into the flow of society from which they have been cut, when they are forced to stop their schooling. Centre: (= a safe place where the above activities are done). L.E.C. is a therapeutic learning community, a centre where the needs of every student are evaluated and addressed. Guided by the coordinator the girls are encouraged to support each other like within a family. Read more about L.E.C.… >>
Background information India, with a population of more than 1000 million in 2001, is the world’s second most populous country. From that 1000 million people, less than half of that are women. (the sex ration is 933 females per 1.000 males). According to research on this subject, systematic gender discrimination is the root-cause of this. Around 245 million women in India cannot read or write, which makes that India has the largest number of illiterate women in the world. Most of these illiterate women live in rural areas. Read more here ... >>

Crew: Zerina – Coordinator Harini – Executive Marijke – Executive Teaching staff: Sylvia – English
Amar – English Elizabeth – Fashion Design Susmita – Teacher Training Lisa – Auroville Liaison Contact: Zerina:

ituated in Tamil Nadu in South India, near Pondicherry, Auroville is an experimental laboratory in the evolution of mankind. One of the many aims of Auroville is to promote development in the local bioregion – be it environment, technology, material and social change, leading towards a change in consciousness. Read more here ... >>
The history of Life Education Centre (1991-2007)
In 1991, LEC was born. Most important basis was to create a centre to work for social change and poor people.
In the villages around Auroville, young children were just hanging around, doing nothing, all day long.
Life in the village was a complete puzzle to what the ‘foreigner’ could see/experience. Many sponsored programmes were failing because of different views and opinions about how to work with poor people in the villages. Also many Aurovilians (residents of Auroville) were not deeply aware of this. L.E.C. decided to work with ‘untouchable’ children, mainly focused on education. The original aim was to train these children for Auroville-jobs. Read more here ... >>

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