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Introductory issue of MASA, the monthly e-newsletter of SACAR and its online educational wing, TUT

"All Life is Yoga"
"As knowledge grows Light flames up from within."
-Savitri, Book X, Canto III
-RgVeda, 1-89-i
We are pleased to bring you the introductory issue of MASA, the monthly e-newsletter of Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) and its online educational wing, Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow (TUT). Through this newsletter we hope to reach our community of learners, facilitators, fellow seekers and friends of SACAR.
In these pages we will share recent news and updates about various activities and programmes of SACAR and TUT, and announce upcoming events of interest to our readers. Periodically we may include some inspirational excerpts from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as well as some short writeups by TUT facilitators.
TUT: A Small but Growing Learning Community
We are just finishing another session of our 16-week online Orientation Programme (OP). This programme gives an overview of Sri Aurobindo.s insights on Indian Culture, Social Evolution, Integral Philosophy and Integral Yoga.
The next Orientation Programme session will start on February 21, 2008. For registration, email: or visit the website for programme details and application form.
Learners who are attracted to the various programmes being offered by TUT seek to move beyond the limitations of dualities, to cross boundaries of ideologies, to understand learning as a practice of true freedom, to experience knowing as that which leads us into greater connection and greater understanding of life, and to challenge the rigid dichotomy between mental knowing, that is, knowing by logic and reason, and other forms of knowing including experiential, contemplative, and intuitive.
At present we have 15 students pursuing various programmes and courses offered by TUT.
Seminar on Integral Spirituality Feb 20-Mar 3, 2008
An Orientation to the Multifaceted Genius of Sri Aurobindo APRIL 20–29, 2008
Second International Study Camp at Van Nivas, Nainital.
Programme Theme: Yoga of Divine Love OCTOBER 1-9, 2008
Golden Day, Feb 29, 2008 SACAR celebrates its Birthday!
2000 Inauguration of SACAR
2004 Launching of Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow
2008 Inauguration of Scholars’ Home;
SACAR recognized by The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
Contact: Beloo Mehra Phone: 0413-2348067 MASA, Feb 2008
"Action is for selffinding, for selffulfillment, for selfrealization and not only for its own external and apparent fruits of the moment or the future." Sri Aurobindo
THE MAHARAJA SAYAJIRAO UNIVERSITY of Baroda has officially recognized
as an affiliated research centre for learners pursuing Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy
The Baroda Connection
On February 29, 2008. Institute of Human Study is celebrating the silver jubilee of Matridarshan, its rural education project, located at Jangoan near Warangal, AP.
NEWS from Hyderabad SACAR is pleased to announce the inauguration of Scholars. Home on February 29, 2008. This on-campus residential facility will help SACAR grow into a living and vibrating campus for learners and scholars who are focusing their research in Sri Aurobindo studies and other related areas. Construction is almost complete for this Scholars Home, which will have 15 rooms, kitchen, dining area, dormitory and other common areas. This Home is meant to provide affordable accommodation for those learners and seekers who would be taking up research and study programmes with SACAR and its online teaching and learning unit, Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow (TUT). Those taking online courses with TUT will also be able to use these lodging facilities when they visit Pondicherry for their Master.s or Doctoral thesis or coursework. This would help these distant learners to imbibe the atmosphere of the Ashram and Auroville and experience the unique ambience of a spiritual community.
Inauguration of SACAR Scholars’ Home
HomHom inaugurated on Fe
MASA is a Sanskrit word which means monthly.
"I paint to go on a journey within myself." Sayed Haider Raza.
Raza.s work Shanti graces this issue of MASA. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research
39 Vanniar Street, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry 605012, INDIA
Birthday Greetings for SACAR
"The many happy returns. each one of us receives from being part of the SACAR family are eternal, life changing, and positive for the good of all humanity."
– Susan McCain, USA
"Just as the leap year day is essential to maintain the alignment of the calendar with the earth.s motion around the sun, SACAR and Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow were founded, and serve their mission, to facilitate the learners in actualizing the alignment of
their true nature with the forces of harmony and unity. "
– Jackie Barshak, USA
"The only birthday gift which we can give to these institutions and the Mother is to fulfill the conditions for Supramental Realisation in oneself, try to become the 'pioneers', consecrate ourselves and leave the rest to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother."
– Shantha Rajan, India
Italians visit SACAR SACAR recently hosted a group of Hathayoga teachers from Italy. The four-day (Dec 29, 2007 - Jan 1, 2008) informational and educational seminar organized for this group included several talks and discussions by experts, mantra recitation, Asana and Pranayama practice sessions, music and dance programmes, and groupvisits to Ashram departments and several other places of interest near Pondicherry.

MASA Monthly E-Newsletter of SACAR Feb 2008 Volume 1, Issue 1 We invite readers to submit relevant news, updates, ideas, artwork, poetry, or other suggestions for MASA. Our hope is to make this newsletter a truly inspiring means to keep our learning community connected and growing. In that spirit, we seek your support and contributions.

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