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Imperative for Auroville to manifest as a collective

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December 2007
The main articles of the December issue of Auroville Today deal with education. Teachers from Future School explain the role and function of Future School ; Tamil parents speak about why they feel the need to send their children out of Auroville to study at schools in Pondicherry ; and there is a personal perspective of what it means to be a teacher at Last School . The other main article deals with Auroville's housing crisis. It's time to act!

The December issue also carries a sampling of the work of two artists: Charudatta's caricatures Chantal Gowa's portraits.This issue also carries articles about the urgent need to protect the Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu coast from beach erosion; the new spirit at Aspiration Pour Tous; the Mitra Youth hostel, and how it was to join a workshop with Sraddhalu in Nainital
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November 2007
More than a decade ago a children's opera on texts and music written by an Aurovilian was performed in Auroville. Though it was a great success, the effort was not repeated till October this year when the musical ‘Olivier!' hit the stage. The performance played to a full house on both nights. “This is real community theatre and I feel so proud of what we've produced,” said one of the adult participants.In the November 2007 issue of Auroville Today we also continue Aurovilian's reflections. Claude and Abha speak about the need for more fraternity; Liliana and Marco about the inner conviction required to live in Auroville; Nelly and Rene recollect their difficulties of joining Auroville in the beginning; and Dharmesh and Rakhee talk about the imperative for Auroville to manifest as a collective and the need for more openness in our dealings together.

The issue also contains the reflections of former Economy Group member Lyle on Auroville's economy and the view of Auroville International about the land, as expressed in their yearly AVI meeting in MontrĂ©al, Canada. The section ‘community' features and article on Aspiration community – the need for new houses and about its early history. Then there is an article about the Russian community of Ethnomir and its connection to Auroville.Two articles portray two young Tamil Aurovilians: Suresh, who now works at the video library, Selvam, who works at Annapurna farm.In the section obituaries we remember Mireille Albrecht and Dr. L.M. Singhvi.

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