Monday, September 17, 2007

On the difference between art, craft and kala

Home > Journals & Media > Journals > Auroville Today > Archive copies Auroville Experience The current issue August 2007 Editorial:
In November, 2002, Auroville Today wrote about the dilemma of the disappearing beaches. Coastal management expert Aurofilio Schiavina warned of the imminent loss of Auroville's beaches due to “unsustainable development practices in Puducherry.” He was referring to the construction of two long breakwaters to the south of Puducherry town in the late 1980s as part of a new port development. These breakwaters had blocked the sea's natural transport of sand up and down the coast (known as ‘littoral drift'), causing a massive build-up of sand to the south of these structures and fierce erosion of the beaches to the north.
If the writing was on the wall in 2002, the situation is worse now. In little more than five years villages to the immediate north have lost their beaches. The Auroville beaches too, Filio warned, “face the prospect either of being washed away or needing protection by massive seawalls to prevent an erosion disaster.” The main article of the August issue of Auroville Today deals with this looming threat.
On the 40th birth anniversary of Auroville in February 2008, the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation intends to unveil a statue of Sri Aurobindo in Auroville. Auroville Today researched files of the Ashram Archives to find what Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had to say about statues – and about relics. The pickings were thin, but the few we found were amazingly rich. This issue carries two conversations of The Mother with Satprem; one on the inner force and presence of statues, the other on placing statues in the open air.
The other articles of the August issue cover with a great variety of issues. The section healthcare carries an article on the Auroville Health Centre, which has installed a telemedicine service for patients with mental disorders. The sections on Auroville organisation carry articles on the Auroville Unity Fund and on the Visa Policy. On the International Zone we report on the USA Pavilion; in the section research we cover the electric vehicle project which has restarted under the newly formed LADS – the Laboratory of Auroville Designers. The issue has also articles on Kuilapalayam school, the Maasi magam celebrations, on the new book The three gunas; on the difference between art, craft and kala; on Manikandan who cycles to promote environmental awareness; and last but not least on providing animal welfare around Auroville and what it means to carry out 115 sterilisations in 25 days. By following the links you are welcome to read a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. Please subscribe if you want to read more, or ask for a free copy. Details are elsewhere on this web page.

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