Thursday, July 26, 2007

The University of Human Unity

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SAVITRI - Surrender and the Void Hemsell, R. , (2006)
Mother's Mantra and Savitri Hemsell, R. , (2005) Abstract
On Mantric Traditions: the teachings of Kukai and Sri Aurobindo (1) Hemsell, R. , (2004) Abstract
Cloning the Earth Hemsell, R. , p.8, (2007) Abstract
In search of a Model of Integral Education Vladimir, , Adhidaiva and a new approach to the Humanities, p.5, (2007) Abstract
Research Report
Living Planet Report International, W.W. , p.44, (2006) Abstract
For the discussion on Integral Education (see the full version in attachment) Vladimir, , On Integral Education (see the full version in attachment), (2007)
Journal Article
On Education Reform Hemsell, R. , AV News and Notes, 09-06-07, (2007)
The Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo: A Commemorative Symposium Chaudhuri, H. , London, (1960)
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