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Orissa Samata Zone - programme for 2007-08

from saroj patnaik to date 14-Jul-2007 19:33 subject Samata Zone Karmi Sammilani - programme for 2007-08
S A M A T A Z O N E (An organization for spreading the Mother's work in Sundargarh, Deogarh and Jharsuguda Distt.) SRI AUROBINDO YOGA MANDIR, SECTOR-5, ROURKELA – 769002
Respected Brothers & Sisters,
Date: 28.6.07 As per decision taken the the Mothers's workers meet held at Matrujyoti, Jharsuguda on 4.6.06 a meeting of the Mother's workers of the Zone was held at Matrujyoti, Jharsuguda on 3.6.07 (Sunday). The meeting started at 11 a.m. with the observation of two minutes silence. Surendra Bhai, District Organiser of Jharsuguda District welcomed all the workers to the meet.
Sri Debeedatta Kar, Zonal Coordinator took up the agenda of the meeting and discussed on the decision taken 4.6.06 and placed the latest position on the implementation of the said decision in furthering the Mother's work in Orissa. After a detailed discussion the programme for the Zone for the year 2007-08 was finalized as under:
1. Zonal Karmi Sammilani:
09.12.2007 - Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, Sector-5, Rourkela
25.02.2008 - Bijaynagar, Barkot, Deogarh Distt.
06.05.2008 - Matrujyoti, Jharsuguda.
2. Zonal Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra Sammilani:
23 – 25 August, 2007 – Kendeijuri, Tileimal, Deogarh Distt.
28 – 30 Dec., 2007 - Bartankela, Sundargarh District
Feb., 2008 - Bhatlaida, Jharsuguda District.
3. Zonal Mahila Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra Sammilani:
22 – 23 Sept. 2007 - Matruvihar, Sundargarh
Nov 2007 - Tileibani, Deogarh District
01 – 02 Feb 2008 - Matrujyoti, Jhrsuguda
4. Zonal Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools'Students' meet:
(Std. VI & VII) Nov 30, Dec 1 & 2, 2007 at DEOGARH
5. Zonal Youth Meet : At Biramitrapur (Sundargarh) : Date tobe decided.
6. Zonal Integral Schools' Teacher's Training programme:
After detailed deliberation it was decided that all decision relating to the teachers' training programme shall be taken by a committee consisting of S/Sri Prashanta Pal (Jharsuguda), Sahadev Sahu (Biramitrapur), Braja Kishore Sahu (Sundargarh), Pradeep Kumar Mishra (Bonai) under the convenorship of Dambaru Bhai, District Organiser, Deogarh district. It was decided that 4 orientation programmes will take place on different subjects during the current year for 3 days on each subject.
7. Zonal Integral Schools' sports meet: Workers of Jharsuguda District informed that they will be organizing a district level sports meet this year. This move was welcomed and other districts were requested to organize such meet in their districts also...
In the meantime two issues of Samata Samachar have been published. It could be possible due to the Grace of the Divine Mother and efforts of Khitish Bhai. In this context Khitish Bhai requested all to send reports in his address. To meet the cost of publication of the Samata Samachar it was decided that 15 workers would contribute Rs. 200/-each and on the spot 7 persons contributed Rs. 1400/-...
9. Funds position of the Zone:
Although it was decided earlier that each Sri Aurobindo Integral School in the Zone will contribute @ Re.1/- (On rupee only) per student per year, most of the schools have not done it so far. Saroj Bhai, the treasurer of the Zone placed a detailed report in this respect. It was decided that the Schools will clear their dues during the July Organisational meet. The Treasurer was asked to write a separate letter to the Schools in this respect.
The following workers were selected to work in different position for the Zone:
Dr. Debeedatta Kar - Zonal Coordinator
Sri Saroj Kumar Patnaik - Treasurer
Smt. Sushila Behura - Addl. District Organiser, Sundargarh District.
Sri Prasanna Kumar Patel - Addl. District Organiser, Deogarh District
Sri Bijay Kumar Pal - Addl. District Organiser, Jharsuguda District
Sri Padmanava Mohakul - Army of Light
Smt. Belarani Satpathy - Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra/Mahila Pathachakra
Sri Hrushikesh Dehury - Sri Aurobindo Sahitya Parishad
Sri Tikeswar Das - Sri Aurobindo Kala Parishad
Sri Dakeshwar Pandey - Sri Aurobindo Legal Unit
Sri Gunasagar Patel - Sri Aurobindo Agricultural Research
Dr. Prashanta Kumar Patra – Sri Aurobindo Medical Association
Sri Sahadev Sahu - Sri Aurobindo Educational Research
Sri Nabin Kishore Nayak - CUSAG
Sri Prasanna Kumar Patel - Sri Aurobindo Engg. & Technical Group
11. It was decided that more and more Swadhyay Sibiras are to be held in different parts of the Zone. Presently Swadhyay Sibiras are taking place at Bartankela (Synthesis of Yoga), Basanti Colony, Rourkela (The Mother & Savitri), Biramitrapur (Savitri & Life Divine).
Like the previous years this year also the organizational meeting of the districts, will be held in the month of July, on 3rd at Deogarh, on 6th at Jharsuguda and on 7th at Rajgangpur(Sundargarh) in the presence of S/Shri CH Nirakar, Gadadhar Mishra and Prasad Tripathy. Classes in all the Integral Schools of the district shall remain suspended on this day and arrangements will be made so that the teachers can participate in the meet positively.
The meeting ended with silent prayer to the Mother.
Yours, Debeedatta Kar Zonal Coordinator

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