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Any person of any country in the world who is moved by the ideals of Oneness, unity and peace

52 Rue Desbassyns De Richmont, Pondicherry, Tel: 91-413-2444834
Registered Under Societies Registration Act 1860, Registered on 13 October 1960
Registration No.6 of 1960, Pondicherry


1. Name: The society shall be called "World Union".
2. Office: The Office of the society was at 24, Rue Dupuy, Pondicherry-2, when registered. Now the permanent address of its registered office and its Headquarter (HQ) is at 52 Rue Desbassyns De Richmont, Pondicherry- 2 (India).
3. Objects: The objects for which the society is established are:
a. To endeavour to foster in all people the consciousness of the oneness of life and the essential unity of humankind.
b. To endeavour by personal example, through social communications, and by means of other activities, to awaken and strengthen the sense of oneness and unity, in the faith that it will become increasingly the basic consciousness for the whole of human life.
c. To endeavour to promote an awareness of the forces of division-hatred, jealousy, gossip, egoistic effort and struggle -and encourage their (election by the individual and society-
d. To endeavour to foster a sense of the Truth that is one, ever the same and yet ever new in its unfoldment, and encourage an attitude of seeking and openness towards it, that, it may reshape our life, individual and social. Also to encourage the recognition that the unfolding Truth has had special landmarks in the cultural history of man and that the present epoch has its own fresh unfolding.
e. To endeavour to foster respect for all life and the practice of understanding, tolerance, active goodwill towards all, from one's family circle to society, the nation, the world.
f. To endeavour to encourage the understanding that peace in the individual and in society must be founded on the growth of the sense of unity and the deeper psychological and spiritual organization of life. To promote unity, peace and integral growth on a spiritual foundation is, in brief, the purpose of World Union.
g. To organize-centres of life and work in India and in alt the world for the progressive realization of these objects.
h. To establish institutions and organizations to carry out the above objects.
i. To promote publication and distribution of literature.
j. To establish or encourage establishment of libraries with books and journals devoted to, or dealing primarily with, world unity.
k. To organize seminars, conferences (regional, national or world) or other gatherings in the service of these objects.
l. To train workers for the service and furtherance of the above objects.
m. To co-operate with other societies and organizations having similar aims for a wider achievement of the above objects.
n. To purchase or to sell, to take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire movable or immovable property.
o. To raise funds by fees and contributions, donations and subscriptions, loans or otherwise as may be found necessary.
p. To invest surplus funds in securities or properties as may be deemed fit from time to time.
q. To carry on other works as may be conducive to the fulfillment of the objects of World Union.
4. Executive Committee: The names and addresses and occupation of the Executive Committee are:
(Then followed the names, addresses, occupations and designations of twenty persons who were members of the Executive Committee in October 1960)

We, the undersigned, are desirous of forming a society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association, (Then followed names, signatures, addresses, occupations and designations of seven Executive Committee members as subscribers to the Memorandum, with signatures of attesting witnesses.)

1. Membership: Any person of any country in the world who is moved by the ideals of Oneness, unity and peace as embodied in the objects of World Union and aspires to collaborate in their fulfillment may apply for membership.
There shall be three categories of members:
(i) Life Members: Any person who is eligible to be a member of World Union can become its life member on payment of life membership fee.
(ii) Members: Those who apply for membership and pay fees, thereof which are renewable on expiry.
(iii) Student Members: Students of any college/ university may apply for Student Membership and pay half the amount of membership fee either direct to the Headquarter or through any centre. A certificate bearing the particulars of the applicant's membership duly signed by appropriate authority has to be submitted along with the application.
Note: All members will receive free Copies of the 'World Union' Journal.
2. World Union Centres:
a. Any five or more members among whom two may preferably be student-members can open a World Union Centre in the name of the place and apply for its recognition to the Headquarter giving the names and addresses of its office-bearers as also its office.
b. Each centre can draw upon the help and guidance of the World Union (HQ) and the latter shall accord to the centre the best assistance possible.
c. Each centre 'must endeavour to raise its own finance to carry on its activities provided always that World Union (HQ) will give a grant to each centre towards its expenses 20% of the membership fees collected by it and remitted to the World Union (HQ).
Note: Any ten or more centres in a particular state may jointly set up a State Advisory Committee with their own members with a view to maintaining encouraging coordination between centres and carrying out the movement more efficiently and effectively in the state and get it approved by the H.Q. giving the names and designations of the office-bearers of the Committee.
3. World Union: Its principal organs shall be:
a. The World Council
b. The executive Committee.
4: The World Council:
a) Composition: The number of the members of the Council shall not exceed 60 at any time and shall consist of:
I. Members residing permanently in Pondicherry.
II. Members to be nominated by the World Executive from among the members of World Union Centres of large cultural areas.
III. Members to be nominated by the Chairman from among the eminent personalities in India and abroad who may or may not be the members of World Union.
IV. Members to be nominated by the World Union Centres in India having members of at least one year standing on roll: from 10 to 20 = 1 each; 21 to 50 = 2 each; above 50 = 3 each
V. The life of the Council shall be six years
Note: For the purpose of nomination 2 centres may be combined to form a unit. This will help grow the spirit of union among the centres.
b) Functions:
i. The Council shall be the general authority for the direction and management of the work of World Union.
ii. It shall meet once in three years to consider the following:
1. The report of work done and plans for further work.
2. Statement of income and expenditure.
3. The budget.
4. Election of World Executive.
5. Any other matters affecting World Union and its work.
iii. Notwithstanding anything stated in these Rules & Regulations the first meeting of the World Council shall be held at any time within 4 years after October 8, 1960 and the life of the present Executive Committee shall continue until such meeting.
iv. Any member of the World Council may send his views in writing on any Hero on the agenda of a meeting. The meeting shall give due weight to such views.
C. Office Bearers:
i) There shell be a Chairman, one or more Vice- Chairmen. a General Secretary and Treasurer and one or more Assistant General Secretaries whose functions shall be those usual to such offices unless otherwise directed by the Council.
ii) The World Executive if it so chooses may appoint any of its members to act as Assistant General Secretary and /or Assistant Treasurer.
iii) The World Council at its meeting shall elect office-bearers but every World Executive if it so chooses, may elect new office-bearers at its annual meeting.
5. World Executive:
a. Composition:
I. The Executive Committee at the time of the Registration of World Union under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 shall consist of the members named in the Memorandum of Association, who shall function with full powers until a new Committee is elected by the World Council.
II. The World Executive shall consist of 15 members of which 3 may be co-opted by the World Executive at any time after its formation and during the tenure of its office.
III. The life of the World Executive shall be three years.
IV. 3/5th of the members of the World Executive shall be elected by the Council from among its own members. 1/5th shall be nominated by the Chairman from among the members of the World Union Centres in India.
V. The quorum shall be five.
b. Functions:
I. The World Executive shall endeavour to provide dynamic and creative leadership for the furtherance and progressive realization of the objects of World Union. It shall be competent to exercise all authority consonant with the provisions of the Constitution.
II. For the conduct of its business, it shall be competent to form its bye- laws.
III. The World Executive may adopt any resolution by correspondence.
IV. The World Executive shall meet annually within 3 months from the date of the closure of annual accounts to conduct the following business:
a) to review the progress of work done during the period since the last annual meeting and examine how far the suggestions, if there be any, passed by the last meeting has been made effective.
b) to pass the annual report prepared by the General Secretary.
c) to pass the audited accounts pertaining to the previous year.
d) to appoint auditor.
e) Any other business pertaining to the World Union Movement in general.
6. Office: Please see para 2 added to the Memorandum of Association.
7. Audit: The accounts of World Union shall be annually audited by a registered Audit Firm appointed by the World Executive.
8. Seal:
a) World Union shall have a Seal of a design determined by the World Executive.
b) The seal shall be affixed to all formal documents and that in the presence of any two of its office-bearers.
9. General:
Where no rule or regulation exists for governing any question or matter which may arise at any meeting or otherwise, a generally recognized procedure for such question or matter shall be followed and in case of doubt a ruling by the President of the meeting shall be final.
10. Revision:
a) The Council may, on a motion submitted to it on a previous day by six of its members, make alter or repeal any of the Rules and Regulations.
b) The World Executive may, on a motion of which prior notice of fifteen days has been given to its members, make, alter or repeal any of the Rules and Regulations, provided two-thirds of the members present at the meeting vote for it. But the World Executive shall not change any Rule or Regulation made, altered or repealed by the Council, unless authorized by that body.
(The President and two members had certified the copy of Rules and Regulations filed for registration in October, 1960) February 24, 1989. Home Contact Us Executive body Members membership form

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