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AUM 2007 Conference, Petaluma, California

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“Integral Yoga in Dialogue with the World” June 20–24, 2007
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Petaluma, California
ABOUT THE AUM 2007 CONFERENCE In keeping with the evolutionary need and challenge of these times, the theme of this year’s AUM Conference is "Integral Yoga in Dialogue with the World.”
In the spirit of modeling this collaborative dialogue with the world, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is hosting and co-organizing the event.
Integral Yoga in Dialogue with the World What is the 21st-century relationship between Sri Aurobindo's evolutionary vision and the evolving fields of human knowledge and experience? With the enormous research opening up in the fields of consciousness and spirituality, with a quantum leap in emergent knowledge happening simultaneously across disciplines—from the hard and soft sciences of physics, biology, and psychology to the applied researches in ecology, integral healing, whole systems behavior, and collective intelligence—what does the Integral Yoga Community have to share with and learn from its evolutionary allies in the world, particularly in view of the evolutionary crises that presently threaten the very sustainability of our terrestrial existence?
This conference will explore and address these questions primarily through presentations and panels in a dialogue-based format designed to:
identify, heal, and clear unconscious divisions and blockages;
foster deep listening, mutual learning, and the cross-pollination of knowledge streams;
expand boundaries, build bridges of trust and collaboration;
develop a more integrated, effective, and applied sense of the term "integral.”
The "evolutionary allies" who will participate as panelists and presenters include Michael Murphy (author, founder of Esalen Institute), Barbara Marx Hubbard (visionary, president of Foundation for Conscious Evolution), Brian Swimme (CIIS professor, cosmologist, author), Elisabet Sahtouris (evolutionary biologist, author), Robert McDermott (CIIS Professor, philosophy and comparative religions), and Craig Hamilton (former managing editor, What is Enlightenment? magazine).
Joining us in this dialogue is Sraddhalu Ranade from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and Ameeta Mehra from the Gnostic Centre in New Delhi.
Meals Meals will be vegetarian. Please contact the Public Programs office to indicate dietary restrictions (dairy, egg, soy, wheat, etc). 415.575.6175
Fees $632 for double occupancy $740 for single occupancy $352 for commuters
Scholarships Some scholarship assistance is available to those in need. Please apply via email at
Directions and Information
Shuttle Transportation Airport shuttle transportation is available door-to-door from San Francisco and Oakland airports to Marin and the IONS campus. For reservations and prices, please contact:
Western Eagle Shuttle ( phones: 415-533-4466, 415-342-6444Marin Door-to-Door ( phone: 415-457-2717
AUM panels/panelists (in sequence) "The Soul/Psychic Being in Integral Yoga, Christianity and Sufism": (moderator/facilitator to be confirmed), Bahman Shirazi, Brendan Collins, Ameeta Mehra, Sraddhalu Ranade
"Atom and Eve and the Evolution of Consciousness": Brant Cortright (moderator/facilitator), Brian Swimme, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Murphy, Shraddhalu Ranade
"An Educational Curriculum for a Transitional Species": Mary Alexander, AVI-USA president (moderator/facilitator), Joseph Subbiondo, Robert McDermott, Ameeta Mehra, Melissa Michaels
"Evolutionary Activism, Sustainable Transformation and the Divine Feminine": Savitra (moderator/facilitator), Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elisabet Sahtouris, Savitra (Alan Sasha Lithman), Charles Flores
"Integral Psychology": Celeste Powell (moderator/facilitator), Brant Cortright, Richard Stein, Ameeta Mehra, Eric Weiss
"Facing the Challenge of Fundamentalism and other Shadow Issues in the Ongoing Evolution of Integral Yoga": Savitra (moderator/facilitator), Craig Hamilton, Michael Murphy, Lynda Lester, Mytrae Meliana
General Conference Schedule and Format(All presentations and panels are audience interactive. Format timings are approximate and subject to fine-tuning.)
Wednesday, June 20Arrival (check-in after 2 p.m.), informal interaction, settling into rooms Dinner Orientation followed by Brian Swimme's DVD
Thursday, June 21 6:30-8 a.m. - meditation space available 8-9 a.m. - breakfast 9-10:30 a.m. - Barbara Marx Hubbard plenary presentation10:45-12:45 p.m. (panel 1) - The Soul/Psychic Being in Integral Yoga, Christianity and Sufism"1-2:15 p.m. lunchbreak 2:30-4:30 p.m. (panel 2) - "Atom and Eve and the Evolution of Consciousness"4:45-6:15 p.m. - workshops, open time...6:30-7:45 p.m. - dinner 8-10 p.m. - entertainment, performances, creative improv
Friday, June 22 (timeline same as above) meditation breakfast Elisabet Sahtouris plenary presentation (panel 3) - "An Educational Curriculum for a Transitional Humanity" lunch(panel 4) - "Evolutionary Activism, Sustainable Transformation and the Divine Feminine"workshops dinnerevening entertainment/performances, creative improv
Saturday, June 23 meditation breakfast Sraddhalu Ranade plenary presentation (panel 5) - "Integral Psychology"lunch (panel 6) - "Facing the Challenge of Fundamentalism and other Shadow Issues in the Ongoing Evolution of Integral Yoga"workshops dinner evening entertainment/performances, creative improv
Sunday, June 24 meditation breakfast closing circle/conclusions, next...lunch departures (after lunch)
AUM Workshops
Thursday, June 21 Melissa Michaels: “Our Golden Bridge ~ Connecting through the Arts of Body and Heart” Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke: “Integral Dynamics” Margo MacCleod: “Exploring the Future of Integral Education”Arya Maloney: “Integral Healing: The Work of Psychology and Spirituality”
Friday, June 22 Craig Hamilton: “Living on the Edge of Evolution: Spirituality and Mysticism in an Evolving Universe”
Soleil Lithman: “The Heart, Psychic Being, and Light in the Body”
Jerry Schwartz: “Spirituality & Money: Supporting the Manifestation of the Future”
Will Moss: “Service and the Psychic: Reaching Beyond our Borders”
Saturday, June 23 Sraddhalu Ranade: “The Practice of Integral Yoga”
Margaret Phanes: “Spheres of Influence: Visual Meditations of Light”
Kathleen Wall and Carl Peters: “Psychospiritual Integration & Transformation: Grounding the Evolution of Consciousness into Earthly Life”
Workshop Descriptions and Bio-data
“Our Golden Bridge ~ Connecting through the Arts of Body and Heart”Join Melissa Michaels for this Dance and Dialogue, a dynamic exploration of Self, our Diverse Community and the Spirit Moving Us All.Melissa Michaels, Ed.D. is a social artist, dancing and dedicated to our collective renewal through the liberation of the creative spirit. She is the founder and director of Surfing The Creative® International Youth Rites of Passage Programs, Golden Bridge, a not-for-profit organization linking youth leaders across the globe, and Wild Life Productions. Through movement-based programming and ongoing mentoring, Melissa is committed to improving and empowering the lives of young people and the adults who serve them.
Mapping the journey from trauma to dynamic well - being, her work utilizes somatic and social arts to establish body and heart as resources for authentic expression. Rooted in rhythm and fueled by breath, this work inspires the sacred union between Spirit, flesh, psyche, and deed.
Melissa’s work is a pathway from the longing of the Spirit to the ecstasy of the ordinary. (Further info @ &
“Integral Dynamics”What is the relevance of Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics and Ken Wilber's Integral Philosophy for the Aurobindonian community? The basis of these current philosophies will be reviewed through a power point presentation. What is the relavance of Integral Yoga for Beck and Wilbur? Proposals and ideas will given to the audience for discussion.
Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke, MA, has served as Executive Director of Auroville International and was the former Chairman of AVI Germany for 15 years. A former Board member of the Ken Wilber Association - Germany, he has been involved with Integral Yoga since 1972. He is also a journalist, author, consultant, magazine editor and documentary film-maker.
“Exploring the Future of Integral Education”1.) What is the essence of "integral education" as defined by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? I will ask participants to share their sense of the core elements and bring the results of an informal survey to share. 2.) What is actually happening in the US that is being called "integral" or "integrative" education? I will share what I know from higher education and ask participants to add from their store of experience and knowledge. 3.) To what extent should we be presenting, advocating for, and/or making known Sri Aurobindo and Mother's vision and work? Little mention is made of their names even when the inspiration comes from their work. Are there reasons to insist on going to the original source? If so, how should this be done? If not, how can the original work more fully inform and inspire moves toward truly integral forms of education in the US (or elsewhere)? Margo W. MacLeod has spent the last 20 years and more in the academic world primarily as faculty and administrator at Goddard College, distinguished for its progressive, holistic approach to education. She has also been honored to serve on the board of the Foundation for World Education.
“Integral Healing: The Work of Psychology and Spirituality”The movement from an ego-centered to a soul-centered psychology demands an integral vision of the human being as well as the means to unite the disparate dimensions of this being. Drawing from his therapeutic work in Alchemy of the Soul, Arya will show how Sri Aurobindo's evolutionary paradigm of the human psyche coupled with the transpersonal psychotherapies of Mindell, Grof and Raheem forge a psychotherapeutic approach capable of integrating body, life-force, mind, soul and spirit.
Arya Maloney, LMHC, M.A. Clinical Psychology, has over thirty years experience as a psychotherapist and practitioner of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. His psychological training includes family therapy, gestalt, process-oriented psychology, holotropic breathwork and process acupressure. He is the author of Alchemy of the Soul: Integral Healing: The Work of Psychology and Spirituality. Blue Dolphin Publishing, March 2007.
“Living on the Edge of Evolution: Spirituality and Mysticism in an Evolving Universe” Is there a relationship between our personal spiritual path and humanity’s collective evolution? Is it possible that, in engaging in authentic spiritual practice, we are not merely transforming ourselves but participating in a cosmic, evolutionary process?
This workshop will guide participants on an experiential journey into the meaning, significance, and practice of spiritual transformation in light of our new, scientific understanding of evolution. Bringing together leading-edge transformational insights drawn from integral theory, evolutionary spirituality, and depth psychology, this exploration in consciousness will show you how to leap beyond the patterns of your conditioned personality and discover the dynamic aliveness and boundless creativity of your own Evolving Self. Together, we will discover how our own spiritual life can be illumined and inspired by the direct recognition of the vast, evolutionary significance of every authentic step we take toward Divinity. Through conversation and individual and group exercises, we will explore:
How to awaken the “evolutionary impulse” within each of us.
The exponential transformative power of the field of collective consciousness.
Meditation & spiritual practice in an evolutionary context.
Why awakening our higher “spiritual conscience” is the key to lasting transformation.
What it means to live every moment of one’s life as an agent of evolution.
Craig Hamilton is a speaker, writer, workshop leader and transformative coach with a passion for the evolution of consciousness. He is best known for his acclaimed work as Senior Editor of the award-winning What Is Enlightenment? magazine, a post he held from 1997 to 2005. His feature articles and interviews have helped to chart the landscape of an emerging evolutionary spirituality and have contributed to the forging of a new, scientifically informed spiritual worldview bridging the great wisdom traditions of the East and the West.
Craig is also a veteran radio personality whose conversations with leading luminaries are regularly heard by New Dimensions Radio’s seven million listeners, and form the basis of the forthcoming documentary film: Toward a Science of Consciousness. He is a founding member of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, and a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A 20-year spiritual practitioner, Craig is an insightful teacher whose vast mystical experience and understanding illuminates all of his work. He is currently at work on his first book, exploring the emerging worldview of evolutionary spirituality. (
“The Heart, Psychic Being, and Light in the Body”This lively workshop will include both audience participation and a colorful power point presentation. You will learn some of the latest findings from Heartmath Institute, Candace Pert, and Mae Wan Ho. Plus peak into your own cellular consciousness.
Soleil Lithman, MA, is founder of The Hladina Method, an evolutionary healing process for discovering the psychic being and integrating cellular consciousness. She gave a very successful 3 week training program in Auroville in March 2007. Her 19 AV interns continue to practice there. Soleil has been part of the Integral Yoga since 1971.
“Service and the Psychic: Reaching Beyond our Borders”In the Integral Yoga, the Psychic Being and the Psychic Transformation are the foundation upon which all else is built. In this interactive workshop, we will explore how the Psychic can be the foundation of our work in the world as well.
Will Moss first learned of Sri Aurobindo and Mother in 1970 in Boston. It was 'love at first sight', like coming home. He participated in the first AUM gatherings in New Hampshire. He joined the board of the SAA in 1990, and participated in the formation of both Auroconf and the Miraura web site, as well as the first Integral Psychology conference at Matagiri. He moved with his family to the coast of Maine in 2001, where he has become increasingly involved in the local Unitarian-Universalist church.
“Spirituality & Money: Supporting the Manifestation of the Future”Jerry Schwartz will initially explore the mystical and occult context of money energy. He will present conceptual frameworks and experiential practices that allow one to work with greater clarity to understand money as a spiritual force.
He will talk about how to understand the influences that affect the flow of money, including the impact of social, political, and economic forces and will conclude with the issue of directing the flow of money in serving the Divine Consciousness. He will speak of different modes and structures that can give effective form to our aspirations to use money to assist the earth’s spiritual transformation.
Jerry Schwartz, CFP®, is a 17 year Board Member and Treasurer of the Foundation for World Education. He is a Principal of Arista Investment Advisors, Ltd., a life purpose financial planning and investment management company. He began his work in this field in 1977, and has volunteered his time extensively for many years to advise non-profit organizations. He also lectures and teaches courses on money management and in using money wisely, as a transformative and redemptive spiritual power.
“The Practice of Integral Yoga” The work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is more than a philosophy or evolutionary vision for a new spirituality. Yet their work does not codify or spell out any uniform rituals, disciplines or ceremonies that one must religiously follow. This workshop will focus on the question: "How does one actually practice the Integral Yoga?"Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educationist and scholar. He has been an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram since he was six months old, where he grew up in the care of late Sri M. P. Pandit. He is presently involved in various activities including video productions, teacher-training programs, and software development.He has been involved in various research projects including artificial intelligence based on neural networks, multimedia search and retrieval, and educational tools. Apart from his responsibilities in editing the Service Letter, publication of books, and related activities, he also devotes time to teaching at Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education. A multi-faceted personality, he delivers talks and conducts workshops on numerous themes including Integral Education, Management, Self-Development, Indian culture, Science and Spirituality, Yoga. Over the years he has addressed many thousands of students in numerous schools, colleges and universities all over India on these themes, conducting intensive teacher-training workshops in Integral and value-based education. He has also addressed special interest groups including management associations, educationists, lawyers, doctors and scientists worldwide.
“Spheres of Influence: Visual Meditations of Light”Sri Aurobindo and the Mother embody rich sources of inspiration and experience. We open to their illumination and guidance to deepen our Divine connection. Through digital media, aspects of their shared vision will be rendered into meditations of light. From an Integral perspective, concepts, symbols, forms and color will be placed before our perception. The intention of these visual meditations is to center our consciousness, concentration, and contemplation. “…as one offers a flower, a prayer, an act to the Divine, one can offer too a created form of beauty, a song, a poem, an image, a strain of music, and gain through it a contact, a response or an experience.” (Letters on Yoga)
Margaret Astrid Phanes, M.A., MFT, is a visionary, artist and trainer. Ms. Phanes has pioneered digital art as visual meditation. As a trainer, she has worked in digital art and consciousness at UCSC University, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and the College of the Botanical Healing Arts. Currently, she teaches digital media arts and concentration meditation training at the College on Maui. She is an online facilitator for the Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow, India. Her artwork has appeared in numerous publications, art and web exhibitions. For more information on digital art as visual meditation, visit:
“Psychospiritual Integration & Transformation: Grounding the Evolution of Consciousness into Earthly Life”The basis of our workshop is the aspiration to foster evolution of consciousness in daily life. We will integrate witness consciousness and psychic center leadership to harmonize personality elements via surrender in accepting the responsibility of each person’s mission for enabling and expressing the evolution of consciousness in their lives.Kathleen Wall, Ph.D, has been a practicing psychologist for 29 years and a student of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for the past 20 years. She is an Associate Professor on the faculty of The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Palo Alto, California. She is Co-Leader with Carl Peters M.D. of the Group for Integral Consciousness, co-author with Gary Ferguson of Rites of Passage: Celebrating Life’s Changes, Beyond Words Publishing, Oregon. She is co-developer with Carl Peters M.D. of Psychospiritual Integration and Transformation (PSIT), which they teach at ITP and in private workshops. PSIT is a psychospiritual counseling theory and method based on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
Carl Peters, MD, MA (Art), has aspired to integrate psychotherapy and spiritual practice for more than 45 years. His consciousness has evolved via training as a psychiatrist, Zen Buddhism, Psychosynthesis and study of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s teachings (25 Years). Kathleen Wall Ph.D. and Carl co-created Psycho-Spiritual Integration & Transformation which they taught for 6 years at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and in professional workshops.

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