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All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference Souvenir 2007

Dada Writes...
Message from Shri Amal Kiran
Message from Prof. Chhote Narayan Sharma
Message from Shri Niranjan Naik
Need of the Hour Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
“HOLD TIGHT” Shyama Kanungo

The photograph of The Mother and the messages of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo printed in this Souvenir are with due permission from the Managing Trustee, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.
Sweet Mother,
Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.
By Thy Infinite Grace the 37th All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle
Conference is going to be held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 4th, 5th, 6th
and 7th of April 2007.
In this congregation, all Thy children come together for inspiration
and interaction with each other and to plan out the programme for the
coming year.
This year starts with the Centenary of Sri Ramakrushna Das (Babaji
Maharaj) which will be celebrated in Orissa from 2007 to 2009.
We all aspire your concrete Presence, Guidance and Protection to
lead us towards Thy Glorious Will. Please be Present in all our decisions and
use these for Thy Work.
Let this land of Orissa be Thy own abode.
With deep love and gratitude at Thy Feet,
Thy Children
Members of
All Orissa Sri Aurobindo
Study Circle Committee
Matrubhaban, Cuttack
Message from Shri Amal Kiran
Once you make a resolve never draw it back.
Amal Kiran 17. 03. 2007
Never think your study is enough. Go on until you have everything by heart. There alone will Sri Aurobindo’s inmost wish be carried out.
Amal Kiran 15. 12. 2004
Message from Prof. Chhote Narayan Sharma
The people of Orissa are fortunate in having a pioneer in the figure of
Shri Rama Krishna Dasji inspiring them towards the message of the Mother
and Sri Aurobindo with a many-sided vision of the Divine perfection and sweep.
Ram Krishna Das was, before he came to Ashram, in Ayodhya steeped in Ram
Bhakti. It is said he was fairly advanced in the discipline he followed. It was, as
he advanced he heard of Sri Aurobindo and he longed to take the path that
promised still beyond. In Ayodhya his instrument was Namjap – repeating the
name of the Lord. This instrument has a tested efficacy as its simplicity is
such that it can be adopted and practised by all alike. Ram Krishna Dasji or
Babaji Maharaj passed this instrument into the hands of the Oriya people who
came to him for guidance. This is the simple story of how collectivity of Orissa
opened to the Divine Vision of the sage of Pondicherry.
But there is a symbolic significance of the whole episode. Babaji was
born in a rural area of Orissa, in a family of moderate means. As such he
harmonised with the culture of the people. For unlike some other provinces of
India Orissa has been rooted deep in the ancient Indian culture without much
preference to the modern ways. Men of faith and simplicity, they clung to
Babaji and through whom the great vision of Sri Aurobindo. Now the rural
culture of Orissa, claims a pioneer movement in a most advanced vision which
fulfils the earthly life and transcends all known ideals to man.
Simplicity and faith are the two grand elements of this miracle and my
prayer to the Mother is for helping all her children in their efforts to cultivate
these elements in the course of sadhana.
C. N. Shrma

Message from Sri Niranjan Naik
Srima Sri Aurobindo
Dear Gadadhar babu & Prasad babu,
Received your letter and came to know that the 37th All Orissa
Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference is going to be organised at Matrubhaban,
Cuttack during 4th to 7th April, 2007. Along with it, Babaji Maharaj’s birth
centenary observation is also going to be started. You have requested for a
message. Here goes a message of the Mother along with Her Blessings for the
“Be faithful to your ideal and dedicate your work to the Divine.”
With all our good wishes.
Niranjan Naik

Need of the Hour
Every age presents a programme as an Ideal for its manifestation. Those who follow it, survive and progress. Those who do not pay any heed to it, either fall back or perish. This is the law of Nature. This is the process of worldly evolution. At present, we see that men in general have nothing really to cling to, nothing really to look forward to. The old values are gone, and the new one is not in their vision. So there is confusion everywhere. Men are doing whatever they fancy, and as a consequence they are getting drowned more and more in misery and misfortune, and bringing chaos everywhere. It is found both in collective as well as in individual life of man.
This new age we announce may well be called Sri Aurobindo’s age. He had come into this world with a New Light and a New Hope and in collaboration with The Mother has given us a New Programme.
To sum up all they have said in a nutshell we may say :
Our Ideal is - Spiritual Height and Material Perfection.
Our Way is - Self-culture and Dedicated Service.
Men of any faith, religion and culture can follow their truth to rise to their highest consciousness and try to make this world a perfect place to live in.
Each individual tries to educate himself in all parts of his being- physical, vital, mental and psychic and spiritual, invoking a New Spirit to descend, get hold of him and make him do the right thing in a right way.
Thus, preparing himself fully and being well equipped with a tremendous power, he gives a dedicated and selfless service to collectivity, in his own field, to build a better world.
This is the age of Maximum of Honesty and Maximum of Sincerity.
This is the Need of the Hour.
What We Must Do Now
We must try to :
1. Do our work as properly and as perfectly as we can.
2. Develop our mind, life and body, with proper culture and study, to the maximum of their possibilities.
3. Keep a constant contact with our psychic being by Japa, prayer, meditation or simply by remembering.
4. Keep ourselves open upward so that when the higher forces come down, they can enter into us and do their work.
5. Remain quietly happy all the time.
As learnt from Mother.
Pranab (18.10.2000)
Message for Sri Aurobindo University by Sri Sriballav Panigrahi
Humanity is the casuality of the present materialistic age. To save the mankind
from this growing menace, promotion of humanism as well as divinity in the society
as cherished by Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo is inevitable, which, being a formidable and
challenging task needs to be addressed to with all sincerity and seriousness of priority.
Sri Aurobindo University which is a unique entity in the comity of Universities
is destined to play a significant role in this direction. It is gratifying to note that this
infant University has already began functioning in right earnest.
On the auspicious occasion of the 1st Anniversary of the Sri Aurobindo
University I convey my worm greetings to all those connected with the University and
pray to the Divine Mother for the success of their noble endeavour.
Sriballav Panigrahi
This was what Dada ( Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya) had recently expressed as he gently replied to a query by Prasad and Nirakar as to what attitude we should take in the present circumstances. Pranabda’s other advice was “Harmony at any cost”.
When devastating forces are trying break and destroy what The Divine Mother is building these
two short but mighty directives of Dada are our watch words. These are the basis and stronghold of vindicating our faithfulness to Her, standing by Her, standing with Her, standing on Her side exclusively. What is it that we have to hold tightly onto?
It is to the Light, Love and Power of the Ideal which is none other than The Mother Sri Aurobindo Themselves. Again if it is “Harmony at any cost” does it mean at the cost of Truth? There may be apparently a temporary withdrawal into nonaction leaving all in the Hands of The Mother but certainly not a participation in falsehood and wrong channelisation. We would be defeating the very purpose of maintenance of true harmony. In our foolishness and ambitiousness and insecurity we become tools in the hands of the hostile forces. These propensities make us dishonest, they make us tell lies, they make us cover up, hide and dissimulate facts and take steps that disrupt organizations and centres forgetting our goal. Spite, scheming, plotting, manipulating, seeming to appear before others what one is not, adopting thousand different secret as well as overt moves to grab at advantages from situations solely for selfish ends. We cheat ourselves to believe that the victory of our cunningness and plotting is Her Victory! On the contrary it is the triumph of the hostility that we had sided.
  • How can a true child of The Mother survive in this dichotomy?
  • Is that little voice of the psychic being totally throttled?
  • Is there no uneasiness within?
  • Over all these years that we declare ourselves to be the Mother’s children have we not graduated to this minimum standard of living by a single-minded will?

True – The Mother tolerates all. She showers upon all the same loving benevolence and gives us the chance to surface out of the bitter vortex of hell that we had flung ourselves into. Indeed it is a self created hole of unhappiness that we wriggle and twist and turn missing the golden chances of coming out into a freer happier air. What is the thermocautery and last resort that can save us from ourselves and recover our robust faith and trust in the mission bestowed by The Mother? For surely Her Work will be done come what may. It happily does not depend on us. It is only the foolish and unfortunate who will become laggards on the way. There was something that Babaji implored all of us to undertake and probably something which he died for. He had whispered in his frail voice when he bade goodbye to all- telling probably why he is leaving- ‘Japa could not be done’.
Let this poignant remark set aflame in us all the massive will to do just that – repeat Her Sweet Name constantly-”all the time, all the time” and float in the waves of Peace and Light and Force and Love to ‘drink life back in streams of honey fire and recover the lost habit of happiness’. Therein lies the Victory over all adversity – therein lies the certitude of the New World.

All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference Souvenir 2007 Souvenir (PDF)

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