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New Life Education Trust 16th & 17th December 2006

Joint Proceedings of the meeting of the “All Orissa
Conferences of the Presidents, Secretaries and
Principals of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres
and Executive Committee meeting of the New Life
Education Trust held on 16th & 17th December 2006.
To mark the occasion of the All Orissa Conference of the
Presidents, Secretaries and Principals of Sri Aurobindo Integral
Education Centres on 16th & 17th December,2006, a meeting of the
Executive Committee of the New Life Education Trust was held at
Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 17.12.2006. The meeting started with the
continuation of the open session of the Presidents, Secretaries and
Principals meet at 11 a.m. with silent prayer to the Divine Mother.
President Sri Sriballav Panigrahi was on Chair.
Since the points being discussed in the above said meet was of
utmost importance and relevance, it was decided to continue the
said discussion, item wise. The followings are the proceedings of
the total discussion.
1. Participation in the State level meets: It was observed with
concern that the participation of the Schools and its organisers
in the various state level programmes, viz, Students’ meet,
Teachers’ training programme and Workers’ meet are very poor, in
comparison with the number of Integral Schools. In this context
the general opinion was that local level (Zonal, District, Block)
organisers take more interest for the local programme and less
interest for the state level programmes. It was therefore decided
that while strengthening the zonal and district level programmes,
attempts will also be made for increasing participation in the state
level programmes. The participants of the present meet will take
the initiative in this respect. As far as possible the Trust
Coordinators will try to establish personal contacts with schools
so that participation will increase. It was also decided that the
Zonal & District organisers will send their respective annual
programme in advance so that attempts would be made to avoid
a clash of dates with state level programmes.
2. July Organisation Meet & Information updation: It was decided
that District organisers will submit final data about the Schools as
per the format supplied by the All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study
Circle Committee during the July Organisation meeting. Similarly
the dues to the Trust will also be paid to the Trust Coordinators
during this meet, against receipt. Classes in the schools will
remain suspended on this day so that all the teachers could
participate in the said meet.
3. Common Examination of Std. V & VII: It was revealed that few
schools are still appearing in the Board Examination of Std. VII
inspite of clear instructions from the Trust to the contrary. Sri
Bimal Prasanna Das, Vice-President narrated the chronological
events which led to the grant of exemption to our Schools from
appearing common Board examinations. In this respect Sri Prasad
Tripathy, Secretary stated that hence forward if any of our schools
appear in the common Board examination in Std. VII, the said
school will be delisted from the list of Trust affiliated schools.
Similarly an undertaking be taken from the parents of the students
at the time of admission that the school is not going to appear
in the Std. VII Board examination. This decision of the Trust was
appreciated by one and all present in the meeting.
4. Cooperation not competition: An atmosphere has got to be
created and planned, be it in studies or sports, that each and
every student shall learn to cooperate with each other than
competing with others. However, they can be encouraged to
compete with themself so that they can bring improvement upon
their past performance.
5. Celebration of Pujas: There should not be any holidays for
Saraswati puja or Ganesh puja. Simple programmes may be
organised in the school on those days for the students.
6. Independence day & Republic day: On these days, it will be
better to make the students conscious of the expectation of
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on India. Mother’s Flag is the
symbol of this expectation.
7. Prizes: Awarding or distributing prizes is not a healthy procedure.
It is like giving bribe to the students for discharging their normal
duties. Common items can be given to all the students in the
annual sports events. In the certificate issued to the students
their standard or capacity may be mentioned in stead of mentioning
1st, 2nd or 3rd position. Our students should not participate in any
block, district or state level competition where prizes are given.
However, they can take part in Science exhibitions for the shake
of exposures, provided no prizes are awarded.
8. Holidays: Common holidays list for the entire district or state can
not be prepared. It should always be as per local requirements.
The number of working days should normally be more than that
of declared by the Govt. Celebration days, viz, Darshan days,
District July Organisation meet day, etc. can not be declared as
holidays. These are observation days. On Darshan days special
programme can be chalked out.
9. School Uniform: Green pant & White shirt are the commonly
accepted the uniform in all schools for all students. Normal belt
without Mother’s or Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol could be used, but
in no case TIES be used. None of our schools should used Neck
TIE as their uniform. Neither it is required nor it is useful. From
the next academic session schools using neck tie should
discontinue immediately. common dress for both boys and girls
be introduced for at least Std VII After discussion with different
schools the question of uniform for teachers will be decided.
10. Avail of leave by teachers: No work no pay principle should
be avoided in our Schools. Leave may be allowed as per
requirement of the teacher, provided the same is not misused. We
should be official as less as possible.
11. Text Books: All Trust affiliated Schools must introduce Trust
published books in their schools. Those schools which are not
following the same are to introduce the same from the next session
12. EPF: There is no employee – employer relationship in our
Schools, hence the question of becoming members of EPF does
not arise at all. Every attempt be made to avoid this. Trust is
fighting the case in the High Court, where it is pending.
13. Sri Aurobindo University: Immediate attempts are to be made
to encourage students of Std. VIII & IX to become students of the
University under the guidance of one of their school teachers.
14. Next meeting of the New Life Education Trust will be held
on 8th April 2007 (Sunday) at 10 am at Matrubhaban, Cuttack
Due to paucity of time the normal agenda of discussion on
granting affiliation to the schools could not be taken up. However,
the Secretary was authorised to send affiliation to the schools those
have satisfied the requirements and about whom visit reports by
concerned members have to be collected.
The meeting ended with silent prayer to the Mother.

The following schools were affiliated as mentioned against each.
Sl. Name of the District Nature of Affiliation
place of SAIEC
1. Asarana Jagatsinghpur Std.V provisionally
for 2 years.
2. Balsi, Kandel Kalahandi -do-
3. Sankarakhol Kandhamal -do-
4. Tensa Sundargarh -do-
5. Chadheigudi Sonepur Std.VI & VII Regular.
6. Dularpur Cuttack -do-
7. Lingipur Cuttack -do-
8. Gumura Kendujhar -do-
9. Kuchinda Sambalpur -do-
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres have applied for
affiliation. The members mentioned against each are requested to visit the centres
and report to NLET for extending team affiliation.
Sl. Name of the place of SAIEC Name of the members
(For Affiliation of Std.V,VI & VII) to visit and submit.
1. Govindpur, Dhenkanal Sulochana Sahoo, Rudramohan Mohanty & Binod Debata.
2. Shyam Sundarpur, Angul Arabinda Pradhan, Prafulla Ch. Nath & Binod Debata.
3. Remuna, Balasore Narayan Agasti, Lambodhar Dey & Sarat Ghosh.
4. Raj Nilgiri, Balasore -do-
5. Rairakhol, Sambalpur Prafulla Panda & Saroj Patnaik.
6. Bhadua Bhandaripalli, Balasore Narayan Agasti, Lambodhar Dey
& Sarat Ghosh.
7. Balimela, Malkangiri Bijay Kumar Dash & Surendra Nath Dash
8. Raj-Sunakhala, Nayagarh Sankar Charan Mohanty & Ramakanta Sahu
9. Kalingapal, Dhenkanal Sulochana Sahoo, Rudramohan Mohanty & Binod Debata.
10. Soro, Balasore Narayan Agasti, Lambodhar Dey & Sarat Ghosh.
11. Sabulia, Ganjam Pradeepta Panigrahi & Surendra Nath Dash
12. Kutra, Sundargarh Dr. Debidutta Kar, & Saroj Patnaik.
13. Baruan, Dhenkanal Sulochana Sahu, Rudramohan Mohanty & Niranjan Mohapatra
14. Jaloi, Sonepur Madan Mohan Dani & Braja Sundar Behera.
(For Affiliation of New School)
1. Kothapada, Kuhunda, Cuttack. Narayan Agasti & Kaibalya Jena.
2. Parasumal, Urukela, Angul Arabinda Pradhan, Prafulla Ku. Nath
& Sarbeswar Nayak.
3. Gopabandhu Nagar, Ramakanta Sahu & Sanjay Ku. Mohapatra
Balugaon, Khurda
4. Nahiadia, Dandisahi, Kendrapara Narayan Agasti & Bhagabati Ch. Das..
5. Gambharimunda, Khurda Ramakanta Sahu & Sanjay Ku. Mohapatra.
6. Arjyapalli, Chatrapur, Ganjam Pradeep Panigrahi & Surendra Nath Dash.
7. Bhalumal, Kirmira, Jharsuguda Surendra Bhai & Saroj Patnaik.
8. Netaji Nagar, Cuttack. Binod Debta & Narayan Agasti.
9. Biramitrapur, Sundargarh Saroj Patnaik & Dr. Debidutta Kar.
10. Pahadsrigida, Attabira, Baragarh S.N. Babu & Saroj Patnaik.
11. Mangalpur, Jajpur Narayan Agasti, Purusottam Bhai.
12. Koira, Sundargarh S.N. Babu & Saroj Patnaik.
13. Susua, Jajpur. Narayan Agasti, Purusottam Bhai.
Sri Sriballav Panigrahi Sri Prasad Tripathy
President Secretary

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