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Meeting of counsellors and learners of Sri Aurobindo University

Proceedings of the meeting of Learners and Councellors of Sri Aurobindo University held on 14.1.07 THE MATRUBHABAN PATRA FEBRUARY 2007
A meeting of counsellors and learners of Sri Aurobindo University was
held on 14.1.07, 10.30 a.m at Matrubhaban, Cuttack. The meeting
started with Mother’s music and Sri Prasad Tripathy , Convenor of SAU
was on the chair.
As per agenda the first item of discussion was submission of synopsis
of learners on the topics of their choice to Sri Aurobindo University. The
learners present were adviced to speak in brief on their topics and
submit their synopsis. Accordingly the following learners made brief
discussions on the topics mentioned against their names.
1.Rajat Kumar Sarangi on “ Bharatiya Sankrutira adhar, eka Bisesh
2. Sri Ch. Santakar on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on child.
3. Dr Kanakalata Sahoo on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Science
4. Sri Rasbehari Mahapatra on Ideal of human Unity.
5. Sri Samarendra Rout on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on partition
of India.
7. Sri Ashok Kumar Nayak on Auroville.
Prasad Tripathy, in absence of Smt. Gitanjali Senapati read out her
synopsis on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on women.
Besides this the synopsis of Jagyaseni Mishra on “Faith(Biswas)”
could not be discussed in her absence and it was given to her counselor
Sri Dharanidhar Pal for Scrutiny.
Sri Ch. Santakar discussed the plan of his work on “Sri Aurobindo and
The Mother on Child” and explained how internet facility could be
successfully utilised in preparing the synopsis. He declared to submit
his synopsis on a later date.
Sri Rabindra kumar Jena, District convenor of SAU, Puri introduced the
topic of research of Smt Jyoshnamayee Jena and wished to submit the
synopsis on a later date.
The second item of discussion was on research methodology.
Initiating discussion on the subject Dr Praffula Ku. Mishra highlighted the
difference between general reading and research. He emphasised that
every researcher should have a definite objective and it should be taken
up as a way and means of yoga. He also explained the methodology
of research nicely and highlighted on chapterisation, subchapterisation,
analysis, conclusion and bibliography. Dr. Mishra submitted the written
version of his speech to Sri Aurobindo University so that it could be
given to learners. Among others who spoke on research methodology
were Dr Sushanta kumar Kar and Dr Sarat Chandra Ratha. Both of them
submitted their views in writing for use of the learners of Sri Aurobindo
Dr Golak behari Sahoo emphasised on some new topics to be taken
up for research by the learners. He gave a list of around fourteen new
topics touching different aspects of “ Savitri”. He said that books like
“Savitri”, “Synthesis of yoga”, “Life Divine” etc can be studied in detail
by taking each aspect of the book as a topic of research.
Sk. Abdul Kasam highlighted that the learner should be given the
freedom of thought in writing his thesis . He emphasised on the time
limit to complete a work and highlighted on the need of preparation of
Index list or C.D. on the writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo
Dr. B.N. Mahapatra and Sri Pravakar Mishra were of the opinion that
the writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo should be read with
devotion and pleasure.
It is proposed to have the next meeting of the learners and counsellors
on 6th April, 2007, at 2.30PM., during April conference, 2007.
The meeting ended with a word of gratitude at The Feet of The Mother
and meditation with Mother’s music.

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