Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lots of images of dna strands and the universe in motion

Monday, March 05, 2007 the giant globe at the heart of auroville looks like a golden golf ball on legs. inside, apparently, is a crystal ball and white pillars and the sun comes through and spreads light...we aren't allowed in because it is under construction, the inner chamber still needs some work. there's a silent hum around this place. the grass is obviously brought in and laid out, kept tight to the ground by workers, watered by hand. there are signs which read KEEP TO THE PATH. i can't help but make this symbolic.
we rent bicycles and peep around. it is clearly a spiritual community. a self-sustaining village right outside of pondecherry, a french colony 2 hours from mahabalipuram along the coast. we are here for the day. all visitors must watch an introductory video with information about "the mother" a french woman who moved to india and stayed here with a her guru named aurobindo until her death. the video is very high-science. lots of images of dna strands and the universe in motion. the village is planned out like outer-space, the map they give us is a spiral galaxy, in the center is the golf ball sun.
people here keep to a tight curfew but the land is owned communally and there is no money. but by the look of this place, money had to have come from somewhere...it looks like we're in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY everything but the globe is white and outdated, like yesterdays dream of the future, it was after all built in the 1960's. there should be fembots running around, hunting for enlightenment in white go-go boots. on our bikes we negotiate silently who's to lead. i get grumpy and tired of being led around, so i zoom by as fast as i can and leave everyone in the dust.on the beach we swim and sit and get sand in our hair and i don't look at cohdi at all...# posted by elevenoranges @ 1:17 AM

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