Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It is just amazing that a place like Auroville exists in this world

Auroville an experiment on human unity Auroville 06th January 2007 Auroville guest-houses were fully booked too, so we ended up in a big room of a family house close to the beach and next door to the best pizza place in Town, paradise restaurant.
Auroville is a community project started in 1968 by The Mother a French lady who was the spiritual partner of Bengali saint Sri Aurobindo. The philosophy behind, is to create an international, interracial and multicultural community that doesn’t belong to any country but to the whole humanity where spiritual values and not material profit rule their life. They aimed to be self sufficient; people’s jobs are meant to be a way to express and develop themselves and to serve the community who in exchange will provide for each individual’s subsistence. In other words they’re trying to create a new and better society.
Nice words, difficult mission. This place could only be in India one of the few countries in the world whose government and people would really support something like this. There are about 1,700 aurovillians from 35 different countries, one third of them are Indians. Is a difficult place to visit cause is all very spread out, located in different communities with rural roads between them, no public transport you really need a motorbike or a bicycle to move around.
We visit the information centre, the first day and then wait till New Years had passed to find accommodation inside and get a guess pass to see more. We had a pretty bad dinner in New Years eve we ordered the wrong thing in the menu, also the music and ambient were pretty depressing, we hope to find a place open with some kind of party, but some corrupt and drunk police came requesting money to the restaurants threatening to close them, they didn’t want problems and by 11pm all the village was shut down!, we had no other choice than going back to the room and had a private celebration, by 01:00am we were asleep! Never have a quieter New Year eve in my life!
Already in 2007 we realised we won’t find a place in Auroville guest houses for many days so we keep going to Reppos community one of the Auroville guest houses by the beach and had nice organic salads. People staying there were quite mature, many French and Italians, well off intellectuals and artists people. The beach is no paradise, quite dirty sand, the sea is rough and windy, also there are lots of Indians enjoying the free view of live western women semi naked. We met some interesting people in Reppos and read more about Auroville, there was an interesting guided tour of the place for three days but it was far too expensive for our budget. We realized we needed a motorbike to move around unfortunately I’ve never ride one, I tried our landlord’s bike for a while but didn’t feel safe enough to carry Martha all over the place. We decided to dedicate one whole day to the place and leave. We paid the expensive rickshaw to the visitor’s centre and walk from there to different buildings.
We visited the library and found the librarian who was very stressed out (we thought this must be the only stressed out librarian in the world), he was having a personal fight with Auroville council about money for the library and had pinned a paper at the door denouncing the council with very strong words, it seemed pretty weird. We visited a beautiful art gallery with some fine works of aurovillian artists, modern art but the best kind, we went to the solar kitchen with serves hundred of meals all cooked using only solar power from a massive dish on the roof, interesting project. They have developed very interesting project there, our favourite is called living water, they have created a water filter based on the reaction of water molecules when exposed to different things. It has been proved with microscopes that water molecules crystallize beautifully with symmetrically strong links when exposed to certain words, sounds, music or mantras with positive meanings like love, peace etc. Its structure become similar to that of pure stream water from the mountains, this way they created a machine that filters tap water with the usual UV and ozone system and finally apply mantras to it so it gets transform in living water as pure as a mountain stream, beautiful project. There are many other interesting things going on.
Finally we went to the Matrimandir, the spiritual heart of Auroville. As you can see in the pictures it looked like a huge golf ball made of gold, pretty weird. Inside there is a meditation chamber with a massive crystal that reflects the sun rays and create some fantastic effects. We couldn’t get inside as we needed special passes but it looked something out of a Kubrick film. In fact the whole Auroville look like the futuristic films of the 70s and actually that’s precisely what it is, cause it was all inspired and designed in the 60s and 70s in the heat of the cold war when human civilization looked about to be exterminated by nuclear war and people desperately seek a new society.
In this almost 40 years of existence they have done interesting things but are still a long way from the goal. It is very difficult what they want to achieve considering there isn’t an enlightened leader guiding the project, -the Mother died in 1973 when the whole thing was under construction- so it became a community of people practicing each own personal spiritual path doing the best of their ability. For some people feels like a project to dedicate their life, we didn’t feel like this, it has too much political and intellectual debate, I, personally, had enough of that when I was young is not what I’m looking for at this time of my life. Although the whole project seems to be a bit stuck and not growing fast enough, it is just amazing that a place like Auroville exists in this world, we sincerely wish all success to this dream and follow closely their progress. Fran & Martha See pictures of Auroville See Auroville website See route

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