Saturday, March 03, 2007

Visit Aurovalley overlooking the Ganges

AUROVALLEY ASHRAM RISHIDWAR An International Centre for Integral Yoga, Human Inner Ecology and Spiritual Studies
"Let your highest aspiration organise your life".
In the banks of the Holy River of Ganges lies Aurovalley Ashram, a place open to everyone in search for inner peace and spiritual growth. The Ashram is dedicated to the practice of Integral Yoga, based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The aim of this philosophy is to bring the Life Divine on earth. The Ashram is open to all creeds and ideologies in harmony with this pursuit. Aurovalley invites you to participate at your own leisure in its daily routine of morning and evening meditation, chanting of mantras, yoga classes and satsangs – discussions about the most fundamental and deep of life’s questions.
Aurovalley presents a rich learning environment, having the mentoring of Swami Bramdev, who holds regular discussions, courses, and reading sessions. Everyone has access to the Ashram’s excellent library. Participants from all over the world learn from each other’s experiences, questions and insights.
In a beautiful natural setting, Aurovalley Ashram is an inspiring place to engage deeper in our spiritual path. The area is the home to a variety of plant and animal species mirroring our own rich inner ecology. Offering a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious and simple vegetarian meal, yoga classes, ayurvedic teas and medicines, lusciously vegetated paths for walks and holy waters for swims, the Ashram contributes to the interdependent peace of body, mind and soul.
At the Ashram, you will receive the gift of time, the most precious thing we all have. Let yourself surrender to the need of spending quiet and nourishing time with yourself obeying to your deepest voice. Rich in beautiful and quiet spaces, Aurovalley lets our creative spirits flow. The Ashram is the appropriate place to come and write, paint, and give your self to any project that needs your full dedication.
Discover at greater depths the transformative power of living life with greater consciousness and contemplation. At Aurovalley you will find the support and direction to go to the next step in your meditation and spiritual practice.
At Aurovalley, we aspire to change the world through a more giving and generous relationship with it based in service. Touch the life of a child in our school; engage yourself in our vocational training for women, in our health services, and our drug addiction rehabilitation center all free of charge for the community; feel the power of giving to others.
Aurovalley embodies the beauty and wealth of simplicity with its comfortable infrastructure suited to satisfy the needs of a life of contemplation, reflection, learning and inner growth. As you come to the Ashram, please feel you are at your own home in this atmosphere of community, sharing and introspection.
Aurovalley is located near the sacred cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar where hundreds of pilgrims visit every day. A visit to these special places will connect you with colorful and meaningful Hindu traditions adding rich sensory experiences to your journey. HOW TO GET TO THE ASHRAM

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